National Geographic backgrounds

Posted December 23, 2009 by DiceMan
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National Geographic interviewed a colleague and they wanted to use some of my work for in the background.

As such I provided the following images, one earth with wildfires during 1 Jan 2004, one Earth with Carbonmonoxide and one Earth showing the carbonmonoxide overlaid on the wildfires. In addition I created two single image collage, just because.

Wildfires during 1 Jan 2004

Carbonmonoxide during 1 Jan 2004

Carbonmonoxide and wildfires during 1 Jan 2004

Satellite information collage

Collage from carbonmonoxide and wildfires


Earth Visualisations: Clouds and no night side

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Some cloudy Earths without nightside, different location for specular reflection.

Earth visualisations

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For the company banner I created some Earth visualisations. Images were created with Xplanet and public domain earth images or SCIAMACHY (Courtesy ESA) Earth with specular reflection over AfricaEarth with specular reflection over AmericaEarth with specular reflection over America and night lightsEarth with specular reflection over Greece and cloudsdata.Earth with specular reflection over GreeceEarth CO concentrations (obtained by SCIAMACHY)Earth Land-Sea mask (used for specular reflection)

Solar Eclipse Over Southeast Asia (2009)

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Solar Eclipse of Southeast Asia

The left-hand visible colour image from MODIS shows the total eclipse in the lower right corner, the other image shows the exact same area 2 weeks earlier (hence the different cloud patterns), but taken at the same time of day, to show the difference in brightness.
Note the blue/green colour noise in the area of total eclipse due to the extreme low count-rates.

Credits: data from TERRA/MODIS, available at
Composite by Dr. Matthijs KrijgerEclipse-less South-east Asia

Update: Part of this post can be seen at

Hello world!

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This marks the offical opening of the Earth Space Solutions Blog…